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West Texas Benefits Service Specialist

Posting Date: 12/21/2017
Closing Date: Until Filled

Reports to: Team Manager
Exempt, Non-Supervisory

1. IEBP Benefits Education 2. 1:1 On-site Membership visits 3. 1:1 On-site Membership Claim Look-up. 4. 1:1 Onsite Membership Rerate Education 5. 1:1 Onsite Membership Executive/Council Meetings 6. 1:1 Onsite Membership Open Enrollment Meetings

Qualifications / Skills Required
1. Promote the Pooling Process with Membership in Employee, Fund Contact and Council/Executive Meetings 2. Ensure Management of integrity of the healthcare dollar 3. Understand the underwriting process to explain to membership rate factors, underwriting tiering option and benefit costs. 4. Ability to engage employees and fund contacts in making Texas Healthier 5. Ability to understand the benefit and cost impact of network access, prescription utilization : formulary and network impact, impact of early diagnosis and treatment intervention and cost in managing the stability of rates. 6. Ability to travel 3 or more days per week. eoe

To Apply
Please submit your resume with a cover letter to Human Resources. Indicate the position you are applying for and detail how you meet the qualifications listed. You may fax this information to (512) 719-6717, email us at Email Us, or mail it to:
TML MultiState IEBP
Attn: Human Resources
P.O. Box 140644
Austin, TX 78714-0644